Friday, September 21, 2012

Neck Manipulation - A Feminine Touch

While shoulders are masculine, neck is considered feminine. Women are featured in many advertisements and hoardings; their necks are altered to get them noticed.

Neck manipulation came to prominence when women featuring advertisements and hoardings needed an extra bit to get noticed. Neck manipulation involved not only enhancing the skin tone of the neck but also increases the neck’s length in small extents to make it look wonderful. Since the size of the image is blown to large proportions, the overall look of the contents in the image may lose the charm. It will be necessary to make the neck with artificial additions so that the beauty remains even when the images are magnified in hoardings.

Neck Manipulation

There is no predefined technique through which neck manipulations are done. The skill is totally in the hands of the expert image-editing artists who work with online editing firms. An offshore firm does business online and also provides proficient handling of manipulating neck in images. The image should not get distorted while doing this. Neck manipulation follows the rule of ‘Small is Big’. Simple lengthening of neck makes the subject look gorgeous. On the other hand, even an inch extra makes them look alien. Neck extension should be very negotiable in size, as they should match their shoulder sizes naturally.  

The editor has to recreate a small portion of the neck by copying the content of the neck portion that already exists. The neck is elongated to an extent by morphing. The editor will place the recreated part of the neck in the gap formed while elongation. Now, as an end product, the neck looks elegant and more feminine.

While doing neck manipulation, it is important to first shoot the image against a plain background. However, the background can be eliminated and a white backdrop can be carved out of the image editing software. This is a primary constraint for neck manipulation efforts. Once the operation is done, the women’s photo can be placed back into the desired background. The hair flowing over the neck should be carefully cloned and extended till the manipulated neck’s length. Extreme care is taken for these allied steps involved while working on this niche technique.

Photographs that feature jewelry, garments, women accessories, women gadgets flaunt women models in close-up. This makes their features displayed with high details. Image editors need to work on skin tone enhancement and color correction to make the skin look brightened. The offshore photo editors are professional in people picture editing. They work on the skin tone to remove any scars or marks and make the skin appear in same color throughout.

Many operators at photo studios work extensively in skin enhancement for people pictures. They also work on neck manipulation for increasing the beauty of the female model pictured in the advertisements. Professionally neck manipulations are done on model’s portfolios also. But this is not restricted only to professionals and models; anyone can make use of this against their profile picture posted in a social network. Life is made easy in this new era of communication with networking sites. Display a profile picture with manipulated neck and generate manifold number of ‘likes’ and ‘shares’.


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